Fire Watch

What is a Fire Watch and who needs one?

Insurance companies usually require a Fire Watch when there is a problem with a fire suppression system and there are people living or working in the building. This can be anything from a broken sprinkler head to an alarm panel that needs replacing. When a system is down, it must be placed in “test” mode, which means it cannot call the fire department for you.

Where do we come in?

Our guards are trained to read panels, understand how fire suppression systems work, observe for fires and call the fire department when necessary. We do not repair the actual system, but can make recommendations for a repair company if requested. Below are some types of businesses that we typically see needing a Fire Watch.

Apartment buildings

Industrial businesses, such as warehouses

Public businesses, large or small

What we provide

Our Fire Watch guards are trained to understand how the fire suppression systems work. They wear a yellow shirt or vest so they are easily seen and make rounds looking for problems. They are not functioning as a security guard. All of our Fire Watch guards are either firefighters or are supervised by one so that you have 24 hour access to our expertise.

If you have questions about your repair while we are on site, we are typically able to validate the repair company’s assessment. We will also contact the local Fire Marshall’s office if necessary to expedite confirmation of repairs and strive to keep the Fire Watch to a minimum number of hours. We will keep detailed records of our Fire Watch rounds in case they are needed at any time.

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